I have an extensive background in Digital Marketing and Web Design.

A fun fact is that during my life, I have built 150+ websites myself. I do love designing and pushing websites to the limit.

I did run my digital agency in Latin America for more than ten years before coming to the UK almost seven years ago.

Once married to Queen Marta, we decided to pack and settle in London, where I had the privilege to work for a well-known agency leading the digital marketing efforts for Tourism Boards (Barbados, USA, Malta, Dubai and a few more)

After that, I started the Unofficial BuddyBoss.com Community on Facebook, helping everyone there build community-powered courses, overcoming tech challenges and giving support whenever possible. (I know, all free till this point)

I worked as Marketing Director for them for a couple of years. Fantastic experience!

I have also worked for WishListMember.com as Marketing Director. They are currently powering 100K+ Community-Led Membership sites.

During the last couple of years, I have helped SaaS companies with Demand Generation to finally go all in to work as an independent Community-Led Growth Consultant.

I would love to learn more about your vision and your challenges. 

I’m confident we can grow together!

Francisco Opazo C.

Husband, Father, Growth Marketer, Community Architect and WordPress Creator. DEIB Advocate.

CMX Communiteer and part of the Leadership team for the CMX London Chapter. 

Founder @ Led by Community