Directorist Integration for BuddyBoss Platform

Directorist – BuddyBoss Integration integrates Directorist plugin with BuddyBoss, which allows you to use certain Directorist features within the BuddyBoss platform. This is a lightweight yet rocket-fast Directorist extension for business directory users that can be used in the BuddyBoss based community platform. The extension lets you add unlimited business listings on your community-based directory websites. You can run a full-fledged community with business listing capacity using the plugin.

BuddyBoss Integration is a fast, secured, reliable solution that provides easy integration between the Directorist and BuddyBoss. You can create a robust directory based on a community platform using your custom-made builder for serving directory listing purposes. In this case, you don’t have to rely on other third-party tools to scale up your community site with a directory. Only using the Directorist, you can do all that effortlessly. The integration allows you to create a community-based directory website exactly the way you want it.

Directorist Integration for BuddyBoss Platform Key Features

A cool initial release loaded with awesome features to make the combination Directorist Integration for BuddyBoss the best out there to run a community-powered with listings.

  • Fully compatible with the BuddyBoss platform.
  • View listings on the profile page.
  • Add listings from the profile page.
  • Favourite listings on the profile page.
  • Assign listings to groups.
  • View group-specific listings within the groups.
  • Directory activities on the activity feed.
  • Share listings on timeline.
  • Redirect Directorist login and registration page to BuddyBoss login and registration page.

Any ideas for the upcoming updates? I'm personally in touch with the team, so I'll be happy to share any feedback and ideas with them. Drop them all in the comments!

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