FluentCRM: Email Marketing Automation and CRM Platform for WordPress

Most businesses are either running a blog, online courses, memberships, affiliate marketing or an eCommerce website using the WordPress platform. All these would have a marketing strategy in place, and at some point in time, these would require marketing automation to capture leads from customers and keep a mode of branded communication open.

The email marketing solutions and CRMs in the market are complicated and downright expensive! Popular CRMs such as ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign are a standalone solution that needs to be connected to your website with a third-party plugin such as WP Fusion. And as you scale up your business and your contact list grows, so does the cost of the CRMs increase.

Now, if you are starting out or tight on budget, what would be a solution without overwhelming you with a complicated CRM that needs to be managed outside of WordPress. There's a new CRM solution in the market that could address these concerns.

FluentCRM is a self-hosted email marketing automation plugin for WordPress created by the WPManageNinja team. The plugin stays on your WordPress site, works in the backend and lets you improve relations with your customers via email marketing, build email lists, build funnels and increase your conversion rate. It is a single page application and built with VueJS. It uses resources only when the CRM is accessed; hence it doesn't slow down your site!

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FluentCRM Features

Here are the features of FluentCRM that set it apart from the crowd:

Capture and Import Leads

The most valuable resource for effectively using a CRM and maximizing your growth are leads. FluentCRM offers several ways to capture and import leads. You can capture leads submitted via forms on your website or automatically create a contact profile when a new user signs up or comments on a blog post. You also have the option to import leads using a CSV file.

Being the Fluent Forms developers, the WPManageNinja team has managed to integrate FluentCRM and Fluent Forms deeply. It gives you great control over Fluent Forms for creating lead generation forms. You can assign lists and tags to a contact when the user submits the form.

Manage Contacts

FluentCRM – 360° Contact viewing Image credit – FluentCRM

The 360° contact viewing feature allows you to add contacts and keep track of their in-depth details, so you know what works for them on your website and what doesn't. The plugin lets you view all the emails that the contact has received, the automation and sequences they are a part of. With the FluentCRM Pro add-on, you can access the WooCommerce purchase history of the customer if you are running an eCommerce site.

You can also add custom fields (numeric, text, radio buttons, dropdowns, and checkboxes) using the clean interface. Each contact can be flagged as a lead or a customer. Also, each contact has one of the status – subscribed, unsubscribed, pending, bounced or complained.

Another interesting capability for managing contacts in FluentCRM is ‘Notes and Activities'. You can add random notes to each contact's profile, so you have an organized running history of dealing with the contact (just like a typical CRM).

Email Campaigns and Sequences

FluentCRM lets you craft high-converting professional emails. The customizable email composer let you add smartcodes, emojis, media files, buttons, and much more. You can create targeted email campaigns for mailing lists, tags, inlcude/exclude specific contacts for complete control over bulk email marketing campaigns. With the A/B testing feature, you can run performance tests for the subject lines of your emails and see what catches the eye of your contacts. If you have audiences in a different timezone, you can even schedule your email campaigns to be sent automatically at the time of your choice. You can even upsell products to targeted email lists and leads with the email campaigns.

Keeping track of the success rate of your marketing campaigns is very easy, as FluentCRM lets you add UTM parameters. You set the parameters when composing the emails, and the email URLs are automatically set for you.

Lists, Tags, and Segments

Lists and Tags are a robust segmentation system to manage leads effectively in FluentCRM. Lists can be a group of leads and tags as a indicator of a leads activity.

Based on various conditions, you can create list segments and save them as conditional/dynamic segments.

Automation Funnels

Automation is a series of actions that are executed in a specified order. Each automation has a trigger that starts it automatically. FluentCRM has a bunch of trigger automations based on WordPress events such as new user registration, CRM actions (list added/removed, tags added/removed), or opt-in form submissions (with FluentForms).

The actions available for the automation are: Wait X Days/Hours, Send Custom Email, Apply List, Apply Tag, Remove From List, Remove From Tag, Send Campaign Email, Cancel Automations, Cancel Sequence Emails, Set Sequence Emails, Update Contact Property, and End This Funnel Here.

Actions available for automations

You also have something called Benchmarks in FluentCRM. Benchmarks are goals that you put in the middle of automation, and when it triggers, the contact is automatically jumped down to a certain point in the automation.

Benchmarks available for automations

For example, let's say you have a promotional email sequence automation to get a contact to buy something on your site. If the contact buys something, it will not make sense to send them promotional emails for the product. You can have a benchmark that triggers when the tag ‘Customer' is applied to a contact, cancel the automation and stop sending promotional emails to the contact.

You can also set conditions to execute different actions based on different conditions or run anything parallel.

Opti-in Forms and Integrations

Out-of-the-box, FluentCRM works smooth with Fluent Forms – for all obvious reasons. The WPManageNinja team has created a deep integration between FluentCRM and Fluent Forms. FluentCRM integrates and plays well with some popular third-party tools to collect lead information such as Elementor Forms, WishList Member, MemberPress, Paid Memberships Pro, and many more.

The plugin also shows a lead's general data along with the purchase history from WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads if you are running them on your website. With the third-party integrations, an automation can be triggered for activities such as new orders on EDD or WooCommerce, new memberships on Paid Memberships Pro or WishList Member, new enrollment or course & lesson finished via LMS plugins such as LearnDash or LifterLMS.

More triggers actions for 15+ integrations – WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, LifterLMS, AffiliateWP, WP Fusion, Fluent Forms, Paid Memberships Pro, LearnDash, MailOptin, WishList Member, MemberPress, TutorLMS, Elementor Forms, Restrict Content Pro, and Uncanny Automator.

You can connect FluentCRM with popular webhook connector solutions such as Zapier, Pabbly, Integromat, AutomatorWP, and Inetgrately to add more leads on your website.

Granular Reporting and Analytics

FluentCRM has a massive and solid reporting and analytics system. It helps you keep track of everything on a granular level. From A/B testing, email stats, subscriber growth, campaign reports, funnels, sequences, CTR, to a particular user's engagement – you can view the analytics of everything in one place.

Track funnel performance at every stage and funnel performance reports for individual users to increase user retention and maximize conversion. Get an in-depth report of the email open rates and click rates for the A/B testing of your email subject lines.

Enable UTM parameters from Google Analytics, and viola, you have CTR performance analysis of your campaigns. Link metrics and click-through rates analysis has never been so easy! You can keep track of all email campaigns to keep an eye on them to tweak them just the right way to maximize your marketing potentials.

FluentCRM records user activities, so you know your active/inactive leads. Helping you categorize leads according to their activity via dynamic segments.

FluentCRM Pricing

FluentCRM is a fantastic plugin in the free version if you aren't planning for an eCommerce, online courses, membership, or affiliate website – it has all the bases covered for an email marketing and CRM solution.

If you plan to use eCommerce, eLearning, LMS, membership, or affiliate plugins on your site, you should opt for the FluentCRM Pro add-on to leverage some awesome features. While popular CRM solutions have complex pricing tiers, FluentCRM's pricing tiers are flat and yearly. All plans come with unlimited contacts, unlimited email campaigns, marketing automation, and email list management.

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The FluentCRM Pro add-on will cost you $129 per year for a 1 site license with 1-year priority support and updates, $249 per year for a 5 site license with 1-year priority support and updates, and $499 per year for a 50 site license with 1-year priority support and updates.

The FluentCRM Pro add-on includes premium features such as a block email editor, campaign email scheduling, user activity monitoring, ability to import contacts, contact HTML editor, campaign insights, A/B testing, 10+ benchmark actions, 25+ event-based triggers, GDPR compliance, link metrics, Webhook integrations (including Zapier, AutomatorWP), WooCommerce integration, EDD integration, integrations with popular third-party plugins such as LearnDash, Paid Memberships Pro, WishList Member, LifterLMS, AffiliateWP and many more.

Final thoughts on FluentCRM

Though FleuntCRM is a new contender in the WordPress market right now, it packs a punch with its free and pro versions both. It does not slow your website down, is cheaper than any email marketing and CRM solution out there. We highly recommend you take it for a spin and see how it makes your life 10 times easier and cuts down on your CRM expenses.

What was the feature you loved the most in FluentCRM? Let us know in the comments below.

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