Community of Practice

A community of practice is a space where people with similar skills gather. These communities often form around professions—you’ll find Communities of Practice in most industries where people benefit from shared knowledge.

But they can also be based around non-professional practices. People interested in arts, sports, hobbies, and charitable work all benefit from dedicated groups to discuss and share knowledge. These communities can be selective about who can join. This is to ensure that everyone in the group adds value to the conversation.

People typically join these groups to learn and share knowledge about their area of interest. They are excellent spaces to network and build relationships with those in your industry. Brands that create a community of practice can assert themselves as authorities in their space and build significant awareness.

Communities of practice are defined by the quality of discussion and the value they bring to members. If you run one of these groups, you should ensure that conversations are geared towards users’ goals.

Consider creating online events that bring extra value to members. You could bring in experts to discuss topics your community is interested in, or organize offline meetings. You may have to be selective about who joins your community to ensure discussions stay on track.