Content Type

The content created on the community can be categorized by topics and also posted to specific groups or channels to drive focused discussions.

Here are the types of content that can be created by the members:


This post type is useful when the members are looking to get a definitive answer to a question. Members can add comments, post answers, and upvote. You can also allow members to create polls and ask anonymously.


With discussions, members can create content with a rich text editor that gives ample space to give a title and a text editor to provide additional details. This allows the members to carry out ongoing discussions with threaded replies.


Posts are apt for creating short updates and enabling members to react by liking and commenting. With posts, you can allow members to upload files and videos that would be processed with a native video player.


Create long-form articles such as blogs and knowledge-base posts with a rich text editor. Allow members to react to the articles by commenting, liking and empowering them to post ongoing threaded comments.