Enterprise Social Network (ESN)

Enterprise Social Network (ESN) refers to the internal online communities created by businesses. These tools are the successors to company intranets, and they provide organizations with an online space that employees can use to communicate, share information, and track projects.

Modern ESN platforms are typically cloud-based, meaning employees can log in and access them on the go. They are great for remote or distributed teams who need access to team communication wherever they are.

ESNs are typically easy for employees to use because they share features with regular social media platforms. These typically include posting, comments, groups, and reactions.

Good ESNs are far more secure than open social media tools. The most significant reason for this is that they are only accessible to people within the organization. No one else can create an account—although some tools allow businesses to create spaces that they share with clients or other third parties.

Businesses have plenty of options for platforms they can use to create an ESN. We’ve listed some of the best ones at the end of this post.