Ideal Online Community Persona

Defining who you’re targeting with an ‘ideal online community persona’ helps you to build a niche community which lasers in on exactly what your audience wants which in turn, helps you to stand out online and create a buzzing community that people want to be a part of.

How can you determine your ideal online community persona?

  1. Short survey — Asking people their age, location, what their specific challenges in your niche are, what they love about some of the online communities they are a part of, what could be improved and what they would love more of. You can easily create a survey using Google forms or Survey monkey.
  2. Interview — Once you’ve collated information from a handful of people — pick 2 or 3 ideal kinds of members and do a short phone interview with them. Ask them to tell you more about their goals, motivations around your topic, what they’ve tried to do on their own to master your niche/interest, why they failed and what their fears are.
  3. Persona bank — Once you’ve collated results from a survey and conducted phone interviews, create a ‘persona bank’ which is basically a document that lists down all of the relevant information you’ve collected. This can be everything from what they want to what they dislike, what they’ve tried before as well as the language they use around topics and things they care about most.