Glossary Category B

Brand community

A brand community is a space where customers and people interested in your brand can interact. These people are brought together by a collective interest in your company, its products, and your values.

Brand advocacy

Every company wants its customers to rave about its products or services. Whether it’s the benefits they receive from using your products or the excellent customer service you provide, you want people to view your brand positively. When current or…


Just as physical badges are used by various organizations to denote accomplishments (e.g., The Boy Scouts of America), digital badges are used in online communities to indicate a member’s achievements, skills, or reputation within their community. Depending on the community,…


A thread is contained in a forum and may have an associated date that is taken as the date of the last post (options to order threads by other criteria are generally available). When a member posts in a thread…


A program designed to register and post on forums — usually with the intent of spamming.


Banning is when a member is denied access to a community. Members should only be banned according to the stated processes of a community. In private communities, this is fairly easy to do. In public communities where members can register…