Glossary Category E

Engagement rate

The engagement rate is a measurement of user interactions with the content created by members of a community. The simplest way to calculate engagement rate is to divide the total number of likes, shares, and comments an account’s post receives…

Enterprise Social Network (ESN)

Enterprise Social Network (ESN) refers to the internal online communities created by businesses. These tools are the successors to company intranets, and they provide organizations with an online space that employees can use to communicate, share information, and track projects.…

Evergreen content

Evergreen content is designed to remain relevant indefinitely. In other words, evergreen content is not time-sensitive in the sense of being tied to a particular event or promotion. This makes evergreen content ideal for recycling or repurposing on social media,…

External Community

Community existing outside of an organization, typically a community of practice, a support community, a customer community or a community of interest.

Expectation Management

Nothing sends a new member away faster than being disappointed. Promise only what you can deliver, then over deliver a bit. Don’t set expectations that can’t be met. Be fair and consistent in the application of rules and norms. This…


Enterprise Social Network. An online social network for an internal business community. An ESN platform can provide your organization with a place to collaborate, ask questions, track projects and share ideas.

Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is a popular digital metric used to describe the amount of interaction — likes, shares, comments — a piece of content receives.