The Community Career Path: choosing the right role for You.

Are you planning to shift towards the community career path as a professional? Amazing! The future for communities and relationships is bright!

Believe when we say: There is no better time to dive into community management and grow and expand your professional career. Let’s talk about it.

Status of the Community Career Path

Not long ago, companies were not giving priority to their communities. They were getting someone to manage or lead the community project and then leaving the destiny of that in the ‘Community Manager’ hands without providing the ideal resources or guidance in terms of vision, mission and outcome expected.

For community professionals, it was tough to move up in their careers because there were not many options for senior roles as we have today.

However, things have changed positively for community professionals, and companies and startups are more aware that the value of having a solid and well-structured community can bring to the game in terms of customer loyalty, brand awareness and reduced churn rate.

My friends at CMX released their Community Industry Report a couple of weeks ago, and their insights on this matter are valuable. Let’s see the following graph.


The takeaway from this graph is that community professionals have more roles available and way more senior roles filled by those working for many years in the industry. Hooray!

The usual community career path includes:

  • Associate Community Manager (0-3 years of experience)
  • Community Manager (1-6 years of experience)
  • Director of Community (5-8 years of experience)
  • VP of Community (8-12 years of experience)
  • Chief Community Officer (12+ years of experience)

The list above and the years of experience are only for reference. You can jump based on your performance and skills way faster than that.

There are many different roles and positions within the Community Career Path. You’ll find a brief description of each role and its impact on community engagement and development. (The roles are not all in the hierarchy inside the organisation)

Below are some examples of specialised roles and their high-level responsibilities.

The Community Roles:

Community Engagement Specialist

A Community Engagement Specialist is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with key community members. They also work to identify new opportunities for community involvement and develop programs to increase participation.

Community Content Manager

A Community Content Manager creates and manages content for a community. This can include developing editorial calendars, curating content from various sources, creating original content, and moderating community discussion.

Community Operations Specialist

A Community Operations Specialist helps to keep a community running smoothly. This can involve developing and enforcing community guidelines, managing member accounts, moderating content and discussion, and providing customer support.

Community Strategist

A Community Strategist is responsible for planning and executing community initiatives. This can include developing community goals, conducting research, creating community programs and events, and managing community projects.

Community Program Manager

A Community Program Manager oversees community programs and events. This can involve planning and executing programs, coordinating with various stakeholders, recruiting and managing volunteers, and evaluating program effectiveness.

Community Support Specialist

A Community Support Specialist provides customer service and support to community members. This can involve answering questions, troubleshooting issues, and providing guidance on using community features.

Developer Relations (Dev Rel)

A Developer Relations Community Manager represents a company or organisation within the developer community. This can involve promoting products and services, organising events and meetups, and providing support and guidance to developers.

Community Manager

A Community Manager is responsible for the overall health and management of a community. This can involve developing community strategy, overseeing community programs, moderating content and discussion, and providing customer support.

Senior Community Manager

A Senior Community Manager is a high-level position responsible for the overall health and management of a community. This can involve developing community strategy, overseeing community programs, moderating content and discussion, and providing customer support. In addition, a Senior Community Manager may also have direct reports and be responsible for mentoring and coaching other Community Managers.

Head of Community

The head of Community Reports to the CCO/Community Owner regularly on community sentiment and community business requests, agree on KPIs and manages the community team/personnel directly involved with community processes.

Chief Community Engagement Officer (CCEO)

The Chief Community Engagement Officer (CCEO) is responsible for developing and executing community strategy. The CCEO provides internal and external resources to execute the community engagement strategy. This can involve managing Community Managers, overseeing community programs, and measuring community health and engagement. The CCEO reports to the CEO or another executive leader.

Community Events Manager

A Community Events Manager plans and executes community events. This can involve coordinating with various stakeholders, recruiting and managing volunteers, and evaluating event effectiveness. The Community events Manager interacts with event attendees and tracks the reports for all activities and the progress of community events.

Community Engagement & Outreach Specialist

A Community Engagement & Outreach Specialist is responsible for developing and executing a community outreach strategy. This can involve conducting research, creating community programs, and introducing the organisation strategically to the Community and its services.

The Community Engagement and Outreach Specialist can generate new business and expand the company projects sourced through the Community.

Other Community Roles

There are many other roles that a community can take on, such as evangelist, ambassador, moderator, or advocate. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to community management – the best way to structure a community will vary depending on the members’ needs and the organisation’s goals.

However, these are some common positions that you may see in a well-functioning community.

Community Volunteer Manager

A Community Volunteer Manager recruits, trains, and manages volunteers for a community. This can involve developing volunteer programs, coordinating with various stakeholders, and managing volunteer accounts.

Community Evangelist

A Community Evangelist is responsible for spreading awareness of a company or organisation within the Community. This can involve conducting research, writing blog posts, and creating social media content.

Community Advocate

A Community Advocate is responsible for promoting a company or organisation. This can involve writing blog posts, creating social media content, and speaking at events.

Online Community Moderator

His main activity includes moderating content and discussion within an online community. This can involve enforcing community guidelines, removing spam and offensive content, and responding to member inquiries.


These are just some of the many roles involved in the community career path. Many other positions play essential roles in keeping a community running.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the Community, there are a variety of roles to choose from that will fit your skills and interests.

There is a lot of flexibility in what roles and positions are available and room for growth and advancement. Whether you’re just starting or looking to move up in your career, there’s likely a role or position that’s right for you.

Tell me in the comments: What is your current role within your Community? And what would you like to achieve anytime soon?

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Francisco Opazo

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